The Stroke Association

Stroke Association House, London/Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham
  15th March 2020  

Prof Averil Mansfield CBE and Prof Marion Walker MBE for
The Stroke Association’s ‘The Circle’ magazine, featured on the front and back cover respectively - both women have had (and still do have!) outstanding careers. In the 70s Averil became fascinated by carotid endarterectomy operations, intricate vascular surgery designed to prevent major stroke - she became the first British female to be made a professor of vascular surgery in 1993.
Marion is Professor in Stroke Rehabilitation, based at University of Nottingham - and funding from @theStrokeAssociation when she was Director of Rehab Research at the National Stroke Research Network enabled the team “to do all sorts of pioneering work”.
Two super inspiring women who were such a joy to meet :)
Big thanks again to The Stroke Association for the commission.